Custom Engagement or Wedding Ring

Handcrafted With Love

All of Chloe’s jewelry is handmade and vary in design due to the handmade process. Chloe would be happy to work with you to design and create your custom engagement/wedding ring vision. Custom projects are a collaborative process and they do take time to plan, draft, discuss and create from scratch.

 A custom ring design is a beautiful long process, but in the end you get a one of a kind piece of jewelry tailored just for you and your partner.

It brings me so much joy to bring your ideas to life and handcraft something that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Contact Chloe and let her know what you were thinking! She would be happy to design something special just for the two of you!

Selection of Unquie Engagement Rings Designs

  • Embrace w/ Diamonds | Wave Collection
    Embrace w/ Diamonds | Wave Collection
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  • Timeless w/ Diamond | Wave Collection
    This ring, Timeless, embodies the elegance and harmony of the sea. This is a timeless solitaire ring with a unique flare. The diamond is encircled by a graceful wave in 18K Yellow Gold. The band is finished with a high polish.  Edit alt text
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  • Rising Tide w/ Diamonds | Wave Collection
    This ring, Rising Tide, embodies the motion and the balance of the sea. The diamonds are encircled by wave formations sculpted in 18K Yellow Gold. Around the diamonds, the metal is hand-textured creating a sparkling sand-like finish along with sea foam bubble formations that dance across the wave. The band is finished with a high polish.
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Custom Testimonials

Chloe was amazing and easy to work with when trying to
design the ring I wanted. I am pretty particular when it comes to colors and
really love balanced jewelry. I am extremely impressed with this ring and will
treasure it for a life time! If you are looking for thoughtful and expertly
made jewelry, Chloe is the person to go to.

Skarlett P.

I could not have been happier with my experience at Chloe Leigh Designs. Her shop is beautiful, her work first class and her talent and imagination shine through beautifully. This is the type of shop that anyone who enjoys fine jewelry, made with originally in mind, will absolutely love. What a wonderful addition this shop is to Gloucester. I love Chloe and this shop! 

Marjoriee O.

Chloe Leigh Designs has created a beautiful custom necklace, from a simple idea transformed into a stunning, tangible, custom piece that will last forever. She kept me informed every step of the way, from drawn mock-ups to the final product. Chloe is professional and diligent, and my custom order was delivered safely and promptly with care instructions, a custom gift bag and write up about the piece. Thank you for this intimate gift!

Anthony S.

Where do I begin?

Contact Chloe and let her know what you were thinking! She would be happy to design something special just for the two of you!


Is Chloe Leigh Designs the right fit for you?

At Chloe Leigh Designs, each piece is individually handcrafted and thoughtfully created from start to finish using a variety of hammers, anvils, hand-tool and torches. Chloe uses the highest quality reclaimed 18K yellow gold, argentium silver and personally sourced gemstones to create memorable and timeless jewelry. 

Browse through her work online and make sure you are in love with the style of her work. Chloe loves to create a custom piece based on your inspiration, but it has to be in her style of work. Chloe only handcrafts original designs and will not copy other artisans work. She does not offer repair work on other artisan/family jewelry.

Is Chloe Leigh Designs environmentally friendly?

Having a deep reverence for nature, Chloe values and implements eco-friendly and sustainable methods in her jewelry practice. She use eco friendly solutions, outsource reclaimed metal, and source conflict free and ethically sourced gemstones when possible. 

She believe it’s our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. Chloe want her clients to know that they are buying, not only a beautiful handcrafted piece of jewelry, but a piece that is created with environmentally safe and socially responsible methods.

Can I use my gemstones and metal? Do you redesign heirloom jewelry?

Chloe loves using clients’ heirloom gemstones, because they are so sentimental to the wearer and they bring a deeper connection to their ring. Please note that using your own gemstones will not typically lower the cost of the ring, but they will provide sentimental value.

Chloe does not use clients metal as she does not have the equiptment to refine it properly. She prefers to use high quality reclaimed precious metal in her work.

Gemstone Preference

Chloe loves using Canada Mark Diamonds.  These diamonds are GIA certified and are responsibly mined and conflict free diamonds sourced in Canada’s Northwest Territories with a 100% traceable origin.

She also loves incorporating alternative salt & pepper diamonds, alternative diamond cuts, Montana/Ceylon sapphires & clients reclaimed heriloom diamonds.

Chloe will consider using other gemstones/birthstones in your custom piece. She does not recommend opals, pearl, moonstone, & emeralds for custom rings due to the softness/fragility of the stones.

What style?

Chloe would be happy to design a ring based off some of her custom ring drawings/ideas. Start up a converation about what your dream ring could look like.

Chloe would love to hear what type of design you had in mind. She is happy to customize a unquie ring for the two of you!  

What types of settings?

Chloe specializes in bezel setting. That is when the metal surrounds the gemstone. It is a personal preference for both visual aesthic and security of the gemstone. She does not typically use prong/basket setting in my work.

You might consider other customizations of the setting such as peak holes, tapering, multiple settings, and position.

How to determine partners ring size or style?

When in doubt, contact Chloe to make an appointment. She would be happy to work with you either in person or over email to find the best way to get your or your partner's perfect fit!

Also take a look at these few sizing tips.

What is the price of custom?

Custom prices range based on the complexity of the design, precious metal and gemstones used in your one of a kind piece. Most of all my custom work is fabricated in 18K yellow gold or 14K white gold. 18K yellow gold custom jewelry & rings start at around $1,900. Most engagement rings start at around $3,500 dependeing on the gemstone and complexity of the design.

How long is the process?

Custom design process takes approximately 10 weeks. If you have an earlier deadline, contact Chloe and she can try to make accommodations. 

Custom Return Policy

A non-refunable deposit is due before Chloe starts creating your one of a kind work of art.

Custom pieces, custom engagement/wedding rings, bespoke pieces and gift cards are not returnable. These custom designs were designed specifically to your gemstone purchased, interests and size. If there are any concerns, I will try my best to accommodate to make sure you are happy with your custom jewelry design.